want to be up to date ? Now check our our newest product Toyota Hilux Hardtop Revo. New design and new innovations meets with Toyota Hilux Revo. Our design is for sure en eye catcher. There are a few models you can choose from. Standard F-Box Toyota Revo Hardtop for people who not like to show up. G-Box with 4 round LED tail lights, for an extra sportive design. Ths G-Box for your Toyota Revo makes your pickup to the ultimate 4 runner under all brands. Most unusual hardtop C-Box for people who like the extra touch on this Toyota Hilux Revo Hardtop. We have the right hardtop for sure for your pickup truck.

toyota revo hardtop g-box      toyota hilux revo hardtop

new Nissan Navara Hardtop

Very fresh . . . .. 

Nissan launched early this year his new NP300 NAVARA. Just on time our designer made the new Nissan Navara NP300 Hardtop. Fits perfect to your pickup truck. Check out more on our Nissan Navara page.


new nissan navara hardtop laderaumabdeckung      new nissan navara hardtop laderaumabdeckung      new nissan navara hardtop laderaumabdeckung